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Joe's Record Store Silver Spring MD Electronic MightyHip Jam Session Header Image

Joe’s Record MightyHip Electronic Jam Session

MightyHip put on a weekly series of an electronic jam session at the iconic Joe’s Record store in Silver Spring, MD.


MightyHip founder Ian provided many drum machines, samplers, speakers, keyboards and other instruments for local artist to use and create amazing jam sessions.

Joe's Record Jam Session Image of Guitars and artist

Artist and record collectors in the store also had an opportunity to dig in crates.

Bill MightyHip Drummer

Emcees, Lyricist and Singers like Nick Classic passed the mic back and forth to flow on top of the organic music being created.

Nick Classic Flowing on an electronic beat image

Music producers brought their electronic equipment like DJ Alpaline to showcase their instrumentals.

DJ Alpaline mixing beats image

Talented musician and tech expert Immanuel kept all the sounds on point the entire night.

Musician Immanuel Image

Musicians from all over the DMV came out to rock this event!

Guitar player, singer, drummer image